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Types of Coffee Beans: Buying Guide & Reviews


The world of coffee beans is plentiful and diverse with many varieties, do you know the standard and typical types of coffee beans?

Only when understanding the characteristics of each type will help the coffee lovers know how to create a flavor that suits each person’s preferences.

Coffee consists of two main varieties, Arabica and Robusta.

Robusta has a strong taste, with high caffeine content, suitable for those who prefer a slightly bitter and intense coffee flavor.

In contrast, Arabica has a lighter taste, lower caffeine levels, but the aroma is more intense and has a slightly acidic taste.

Both types of coffee are entirely different, but if combined, it will create a much more balanced and more productive.

Let’s explore buying guide of the types of coffee beans with

1. Robusta

For us, coffee devotees, we must have heard of Robusta coffee sometimes. Coffee Robusta is the second most important plant in the coffee species.

About 39% of coffee products are produced from this coffee.

Robusta coffee contains higher levels of caffeine and has a less pure taste than Arabica coffee, which is, therefore underestimated.

Robusta coffee smells a little harsh. The taste of Robusta coffee ranges from neutral to very bitter.

The flavor is often described as oatmeal. Smelling unroasted Robusta coffee will smell like fresh peanuts.

The smell of pure roasted Robusta coffee will have a faint aroma. When you smell it carefully, it feels like it has burnt rubber.

Types of coffee beans

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2. Arabica

Arabica coffee accounts for 70% of world coffee production and is famous for its delicious taste.

Arabica contains more than 60% fat and almost double the amount of sugar compared to Robusta.

This factor is the primary factor affecting the difference in the flavor of the two types of coffee.

Arabica coffee beans are light brown watercolor, sour taste mixed with the slightly bitter taste, clear of amber.

Arabica scent is very gentle and elegant. Depending on the soil and climate, Arabica has different characteristic odors.

Some species have the smell of toast to the fruit or some species blend with the scent of honey, and Arabica conquers the most connoisseurs of coffee in the world.

Arabica coffee is the primary material of the whole coffee bean pure, the famous coffee brand in the world.

Although there are many varieties of Arabica coffee beans, Typica and Bourbon are known as the first varieties.

Other varieties are only thought to be hybrids of these two varieties.

Typical originating from the Arabica trees in Yemen was brought to Java – Indonesia today, in the voyages of the Dutch empire at the time.

Also, Bourbon coffee originating from the coffee trees was brought from Yemen to Bourbon island by the French.

Types of coffee beans

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3. Bourbon

Named after the island of Réunion (at that time called Bourbon). Bourbon coffee has become a monument in the coffee industry.

Many in the industry believe that Bourbon coffee beans have a sweeter flavor than Typica. It is this feature that creates value and popularity for Bourbon.

The quality comparison between Typica and Bourbon was once a measure of quality throughout a long history of the coffee industry.

Bourbon Café was first produced in Réunion, known as Bourbon Ile before 1789.

Later Bourbon was favored by French, African, Latin American, and now is one of two types of Arabica coffee.

Bourbon Café is usually produced at elevations from 1,000 to 2,000 meters and provides 20-30% higher yield than Typica, but it can produce equivalent coffee quality.

Bourbon leaves an impression of the roundness and smoothness of the taste that modern Arabica varieties often lose, accompanied by the delicate sourness and smooth feeling in the mouth when enjoying.

One of the reasons Bourbon attracts coffee lovers is the characteristic aroma of chocolate and caramel, sweet, and aftertaste of wine.

Take a sip; you’ll find it interesting.

Types of coffee beans

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4. Typica

Arabica Typica is the oldest coffee variety. It was first discovered by humans in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia centuries ago that people often tell like the story about a goat boy

The seeds of Typica coffee were brought to the United States by a French naval officer in the 1700s.

Typically consists of some of the best coffees in the world such as Blue Mountain, Sumatra, and Kona.

Pure Typica Coffee is known as royal coffee because of its rarity and unique fragrance.

Typica brings an ecstatic scent with extremely special sourness, delivering a passionate aftertaste to the “coffee devotees.”

The taste of Typica must also be much different from other types. Typica has an ecstatic scent, a distinctly luxurious aroma.

Besides, its sour taste is also serene, which is probably only experienced by connoisseurs of coffee.

Thanks to its high quality, Typica used to be a benchmark to evaluate the taste of other types of coffee beans.

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5. Geisha

Geisha is a rare breed of coffee that has completely conquered all of the world’s best coffee connoisseurs.

Its taste is complex and indescribable.

Someone said that it is very complicated and intense!

This coffee variety was discovered from the small town of Geisha in southwestern Ethiopia and brought to grow in Costa Rica.

These Geisha coffee trees grow very tall, beautiful canopy, oblong leaves.

Geisha fruits and coffee beans are also longer than other types of coffee.

The top quality of this coffee variety is born from highland plantations and is welcomed all over the world.

Geisha has a sweet taste, sour and bitter aftertaste mixed, vibrant flavor. Even you can smell of ripe fruit like mango, papaya, peaches mixed with honey, grass, strawberry, and malt.


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6. Liberica / Excelsa

If you say, the Arabica tastes gently and elegantly with the sweet scent of fruit, Robusta coffee with high caffeine content for a lot of bitterness, soil, and wood at the end of the taste.

Liberica also has made a strong impression for people tasting it first time.

When tasted, you will realize the gentle chocolate combined with a little sweetness of the ripe fruit, the faint aroma of flowers and spices.

Also, Liberica coffee beans are more distinguishable due to their unusually large size.

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Instructions for practical use and storage of coffee beans

  • If you have the time, roast and grind your coffee, as this is the best way for you to retain the delicious aroma of coffee in the long run. Pure coffee is always much better than blended coffee because beverages such as milk and butter will lose the pure flavor of the coffee.
  • To ensure the taste, you should roast coffee beans first and then store & store them in airtight containers. When the coffee powder runs out, then take out the mill. Doing so will save you time and grind whenever you need it.
  • Coffee beans should be carefully preserved. You should put in sealed boxes then leave them in a cool place and not exposed to sunlight, heat. It is important to remember that never put coffee in the refrigerator because the smell of food in the fridge will lose the flavor of the coffee.
  • Avoid exposing coffee to very hot or cold temperatures (ideal temperature of 20-25oC), light, dampness, odor.
  • Do not freeze or keep ground coffee in the refrigerator. Some people think that freezing coffee in the freezer will help preserve coffee for longer.


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But that’s the wrong way to do it, here are a few reasons we shouldn’t freeze powdered coffee:

  • Coffee is something capable of absorbing very high odor. So when you look in the refrigerator along with other foods, coffee will smell of those foods, then the coffee will no longer have its typical aroma.
  • The nature of coffee when roasted will produce essential oils; essential oils will give coffee its distinct flavor. But when frozen this essential oil will disappear, and you accidentally removed the typical flavor of the coffee.
  • The temperature in the refrigerator causes condensation to affect the taste and quality of the coffee.

We hope you will choose the types of coffee beans after reading this article. Read more the buying guide of coffee maker to brewing a delicious cup of coffee for yourself at home.

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