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OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker Manual Review 2020

It’s not just enough to use any coffee maker. You need to know how to use it. The getting started, instructions, cleaning, and troubleshooting. Look at the OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker Manual as a good example.

It comes with plenty of interesting and intuitive features. Like the Rainmaker shower dispenser, brewing controls, timer, and programmability settings. If you don’t know how to start the coffee maker, use it, and keep it clean. You’re better off without it!

Don’t be discourage. That’s what I’m sure here for. Consider this your very own quick start guide for the OXO Barista Brain Coffee Maker. It’s your personal OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker Manual!

How to Start

Now that you’ve unboxed the OXO Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker. You need to install the coffee maker to get started. Here’s how…

  1. Remove all stickers, labels, plastic wires, and ties from the machine.
  2. Use a damp cloth and wipe the main body of the machine. If you want, rinse the brew basket, carafe, and scoop. By no means should you put it in the dishwasher.
  3. The silicone internal mixing tube does into the carafe lid. Attach the lid and keep it under the brew basket.
  4. Make sure you have a 110-volt plug outlet close by to connect to.
  5. Start the machine and select the OXO button to set the proper time.
  6. Add water into the water reservoir to the top. This should be around 6 cups of water.

Once you start the coffee machine, it’s time to run a full “water-only” cycle. This is how you do it. Just select the number of cups to brew and press the top OXO button to start.

The intuitive display comes with a few icons that tell you when it’s brewing and done. The icon of a steaming cup means it’s done. You’re now ready to use the coffee machine!

The Features

OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker Manual Review

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You won’t understand a word I’m saying without this. It comes with more than a handful of intuitive and useful features.

Temperature-Regulated Water Reservoir

The water reservoir does more than reserve water for brewing. The water is heated in the reservoir and kept at a certain temperature optimal for brewing. It is between 197.6 to 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is connected to a silicone water bridge which transports the water into the brew basket.

Removable Rainmaker Showerhead

To put it simply, the water doesn’t just pour over the grounds. The OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker Manual uses a unique technology for it. This helps disperse water through the coffee grounds effectively. For maximum flavor extraction and balanced saturation.

Cone-Shaped Filter Basket

The water falling through the coffee grounds in a cone-shaped filter. Because it’s wider from the top and narrower at the bottom. This ensures that all of the grinds come into contact with the water. So the machine doesn’t filter only parts of it.

Stainless Steel Carafe

It all goes down into an insulated brew-through carafe. It’s vacuum-sealed with a non-slip handle. It allows easy pouring, no spill, no leaks, and no cracks.


Make this your go-to OXO Coffee Maker Troubleshooting guide. If there’s any unusual activity with your machine, you can make the following fixes.

The coffee machine stops after 10 minutes

Make sure the silicone water bridge in the water reservoir is connected properly.

Coffee is too bitter

Sometimes a little too much coffee ground can spoil the taste. Add 8 grams of coffee grounds for a single cup. And since this machine allows a minimum of 2 cups to serve, you need to add not more than 16 grams of coffee in the basket.

Maintain a balance between too coarse and too fine a grind. The former gives you weaker-tasting coffee while the latter will make it bitter.

The water reservoir is leaking

You cannot surpass the “MAX” limit on the water reservoir. Also, make sure if the silicone water bridge is connected properly.

The brew basket is overflow/leaking

A number of factors may be causing this. First, use only a single paper filter at a time. Second, unclog the drain hole of the brew basket. Third, the carafe should be placed directly under the brew basket on the plate. Fourth, make your coffee grind a bit coarser as fine grinds can cause water build-up.

Descale Instructions

It’s a common question: how to descale OXO Coffee Maker? Well, here’s your answer!

Descaling can cause a bunch of problems which you might misunderstand as a company fault. Such as long or slow brewing time, or murky water is seen through the reservoir or brew basket. Sometimes, even the OXO coffee maker red exclamation point flashes on the screen.

All these factors imply that your drip coffee machine needs descaling. In other words, you have to reset your OXO Barista Brain if powering it on and off isn’t doing it. Here’s what you got to do.

OXO Barista Brain Descale Instructions

Don’t think descaling and cleaning your machine is the same thing. It’s not. Descaling is the process to eliminate mineral deposit built-up inside the machine. It interferes with your heating, filtration, and brewing. The harder the water running through the machine, the faster the scaling occurs.

Thanks to the intelligent features of this coffee machine. Look for the OXO Barista Brain red triangle with an exclamation point. It pops up once every 90 cycles reminding you to descale. Once the icon turns up, this is what you need to do.

  1. Use high-quality descaling solution with water. Fill the water reservoir to the “MAX” limit. And place the carafe under the brew basket.
  2. Rotate the OXO dial to the highest setting which is “9.”
  3. Press the start button and let the machine do the rest.
  4. Make sure you run another cycle with clean water after. This is to get rid of the scent and taste of the solution.


Great tasting coffee starts at home. Especially when you have a super-impressive machine like the OXO Barista Brain. This OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker Manual should be this machine’s bible.

It’s the only way to avoid common coffee maker problems. The particulars of this brewing beast are far-reaching. Like setting the proper OXO time on the dot. Setting a wake-up timer for programming a correct brew cycle every morning.

The machine features an Intelligent Microprocessor and an intuitive LED interface. This displays icons like the exclamation point and the red triangle. To let you know when something’s wrong and needs fixing. Like when the water reservoir is empty and the carafe is incorrectly placed. It can also mean that the machine needs descaling.

If it wasn’t for such intricate functionality, I’d never have written this must-have OXO coffee maker manual. That’s how important and useful this coffee machine is.

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