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The 9 Best Ninja Coffee Makers 2020 – Reviews and Recommendations


Coffee is one of the highest-rated drinks which can keep you awake, increase the faculty of thought, and focus more on working.

But not all people can make a delicious cup of coffee themselves. A terrifying coffee cup can destroy your day but also bring a negative effect to your body.

Because of that, read the top 9 Ninja Coffee Maker from below to choose the most suitable coffee maker for you and your family.

#1 Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker (CF097)

The Ninja coffee bar is fantastic and exceptional versatility to make several types of in several sizes. You will tend to use it all the time, and it makes a consistent and delicious brew.

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker (CF097)

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  • Includes two carafes for regular and iced coffee
  • Coffee is consistent
  • Very easy to make multiple sized cups and mugs
  • Coffee is hot
  • Easy to clean


  • Water reservoir is too small
  • No automatic turn-off
  • Frother doesn’t heat the milk, foams it

The extra features the machine offers is very convenient, but it also falls short in a couple of departments that almost make the device unusable.

The milk frother gives you smoother and creamier drinks.

The thermal carafe does an excellent job of keeping the coffee warm for at least 2 hours. The coffee doesn’t stay piping hot in the carafe, but it does remain at a plenty warm temperature.

The delayed brew does not have the same preheat as making a fresh pot and doesn’t seem to be as hot. There is also about a cup of water leftover in the tank no matter what size coffee you make

Overall the Ninja coffee bar is beautifully designed. It is easy to take out and clean just about everything. And most importantly, you get excellent tasting coffee consistently.

#2 Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker (CP301)

This Ninja Hot and Cold brew system are exactly what you are looking for and all you’ve ever wanted for coffee and tea.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker (CP301)

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There are permanent filters for coffee and tea come available in this product, so you do not need to purchase additional filters, and these filters are lovely and do not allow any particles to slip by.

The materials used are good quality, and it looks adorable sitting on any kitchen counter.

When the maker is off, only the time is displayed, but when you turn the power button, everything else lights up.

The water reservoir is detachable so that you can remove it so that you can fill it up with water rather than having to fill the pot and pour water into it.

There is also a button to stop brewing so that you can remove the pot or cup and not have a single drop spill onto the warming plate.

You can also turn off the warming plate at any time by simply pressing one button.

The coffee maker is programmable so that you can set a time for your maker to start brewing.

If you are making a cup or a glass, there is a small shelf that swings down over the warming plate to hold your cup or glass.

If you are brewing cold brew or something over ice, the warming plate stays off.

The machine has a “clean” button that lights up to alert you that your device needs to be cleaned inside.

#3 Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker (CP307)

This coffee bar is fantastic for coffee and tea lovers, with its reusable filter for brewing coffee and second reusable filter for brewing tea.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker (CP307)

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  • No hot place
  • Water reservoir is way too small and delicate to fill
  • The set up is well thought out

There is a thermal carafe that you can use with it that is stainless steel if you want a pot of coffee or tea.

The screen on the front is dark until you push the power button and it lights up.

You use the top dial to choose what you want to make and what strength, and then you can opt for tea and those settings as well.

The milk frother is on a retractable arm which you can put warmed or cold milk in a cup on the side and power it up to froth the milk.

It works decently and does foam up. You can remove the unit for cleaning.

The measuring cup has coffee settings on one side and tea on the flip side.

#4 Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother (CM401) Coffee Maker, Single Serve

It is such an excellent product for someone who wants to make a cappuccino at home without having barista knowledge and without spending $300+ on a machine.

Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother (CM401) Coffee Maker, Single Serve

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  • Its size is massive
  • No automatic shut off

This machine has a permanent brew filter, or you can use paper filters if you are so inclined to some reason.

There’s a measuring tool that mounts to the side of the machine to remind you of the correct amount of grounds to add for the type of brew you prefer and the size of the batch.

It comes with a carafe for a full pot brew, or you can fold down the small side stand to place a conventional cup there for a single cup brew.

If you’re on the go, place your travel cup under the spout and press the button for that quantity. The simple dial mechanism allows you to choose from 6 settings as to amount.

Three buttons designate the strength of the brew, allowing the coffee to be held in the grounds longer for a stronger drink.

Want to set a timer, so your coffee is ready when you wake up. It’s a simple setup.

No mechanical engineering degrees required or headed scratching involved!

You can fill the water tank either by flipping up the lid as it stands in place to add water or the tank lifts out to take it over to the sink to fill it from your filter spout there if you prefer or for cleaning.

#5 Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot/Iced/Frozen Coffee with 4 Brew Sizes, Programmable Auto-iQ (CF080Z)

This thing is fantastic. It’s elegant and works efficiently. It comes with a travel cup and a milk frother that you have to pump by hand.

Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot/Iced/Frozen Coffee with 4 Brew Sizes, Programmable Auto-iQ (CF080Z)

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  • Flexible brews various sizes and various concentrations


The neck of the carafe is narrow and difficult to clean

The Ninja Coffee Bar is super easy and versatile to use. You can make coffee by the cup/mug, travel mug, ½ pot, or full pot.

The pot with mine is a glass carafe, but there is also a double-wall thermal carafe available. This machine does not use or take K-cups.

Whether you are making coffee by the cup or pot, you add ground coffee to the grounds basket.

Settings on the machine let you pick which size cup or pot you are making. There are also different settings for which brew strength you want.

#6 Ninja CF020 Coffee Brewer

This is an excellent coffee maker! The features are so lovely and high quality. It gives incredible flavor and brews precisely what you want and how much.

Ninja CF020 Coffee Brewer

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  • Pretty noisy when brewing
  • No reusable filter

It does make a difference! That and the saturation technology they use is brilliant!

It will start by covering the grounds complete with water, let them sit for a minute or so and then make your pot of coffee.

It brings out the flavor of the coffee and makes it durable as well as iced brew and regular.

You can adjust quickly for the amount of coffee you want. You can directly have coffee in a travel cup. Coffee is hot, which isn’t always so with other coffee makers.

The removable water reservoir and filter compartment are both easy to use and clean. The carafe is a nice size, and the handle is comfortable to use.

#7 Ninja CF091 Coffee Makers

If you’re looking for a great coffee machine that makes great tasting coffee, it’s hard to beat this Ninja.

Ninja CF091 Coffee Makers

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  • Versatility in brewing sizes
  • Dispenses hot water
  • Brews quickly compared to traditional “drip” coffee machines
  • No need for paper filters


  • Water reservoir could be a little larger
  • Lack of volume (ounce) markings on the brew selector dial

It’s straightforward to use but provides a nice variety of options.

The best feature of the system is its versatility, the glass carafe is sturdy and large enough for multiple coffee drinkers to each have a cup or two after a single brewing, and the removable mesh filter is easy to clean.

The attached coffee scoop is also lovely. It won’t get lost, and it even has markings on it to indicate how many scoops of grounds to use for each brewing size option (the suggested scoop markings seem to brew relatively strong coffee. So you might want to start on the low end of the recommended range the first time).

#8 Ninja Single-Serve, Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar with Hot and Iced Coffee, Auto-iQ (CF111) (Renewed)

Ninja Single-Serve, Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar with Hot and Iced Coffee, Auto-iQ (CF111)

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This device was very intelligently designed. Features tuck away or flip out, even the lid of the water reservoir is removable and dish-washable.

There’s also a spot to store the spoon. It is compact in terms of footprint.

The milk frother works perfectly, know that you’re getting air frothed milk rather than steamed.

The flavor is fantastic, especially for the iced coffee, and customizable. It’s basically like having your coffee shop.

If you like coffee, you’ll LOVE this machine.

#9 Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot/Iced Coffee with 4 Brew Sizes, Programmable Auto-iQ (CF085Z)

We’ve rated this high because it does everything from a simple single cup of coffee to a full carafe of coffee with enough options to probably please most people.

It is the meaning of simplicity with ingenuity that defines the Ninja.

Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot/Iced Coffee with 4 Brew Sizes, Programmable Auto-iQ (CF085Z)

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  • Easy to use and clean


This Ninja coffee maker works flawlessly, and its multi brew functions make it a real coffee BAR! Every cup, or carafe, has been smooth and flavorful.

The ergonomic look and the creative design taking up less counter space make the depth impression with many coffee lovers.

The thermal carafe makes a massive difference since it can take us hours to go through it. It no more burned coffee!

Regular cleaning is simple, and it even has a light that goes on when a deep cleaning cycle is needed (also simple).

The milk frother works fantastic as well. Besides, the hand frothier is so much easy to clean than one connected to the machine.

Coffee stays hot in the pot for a while, and it has an excellent taste to it, whether its the regular coffee, or the specialty stuff to make “espresso” style drinks.

It comes with a measuring spoon as well for the pot or single cups. It comes apart easily so you can clean it after every use as well.

It’s pricey but worth it for an unique drip mug of joe.


With the information shared above, at the reasonable price we hope you will find the suitable Ninja coffee maker and bring many benefits for you.

In case you would like to know about the other brands as Breville, Jura, De’Longhi, Mr.Coffee, Capresso, visit the

Besides that, we also offer buying guide coffee makers to help you understand well about kinds of coffee maker consisting of drip, automatic, stovetop, percolator.

If you have any questions, leave your comment below!

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