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Melitta Coffee Maker 10 Cup Review 2020 – The Ultimate Coffee Brewer

What does a good coffee maker have in common with you? You both want to brew the best tasting coffee at home. And the Melitta 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker makes that possible.

It has such good taste and quality that you will forget going out to the coffeehouse. Be it for morning awakening or a mid-evening pick-me-up. This is a thermal coffee maker with simple and intuitive features.

It works right off the bat. It brews coffee directly in the Melitta coffee pot; it doesn’t spill and stays hot. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. And most importantly, it brews everything and doesn’t leave any leftover grind behind.

The design a cone-shaped basket and a double-lined thermal carafe. The reputation of a thermal carafe really does exceed expectations. And that’s probably why you need to know more about the Melitta Coffee Maker.

Melitta Coffee Maker 10 Cup Review

You’re in for a treat if you’re looking for a simple at-home coffee appliance. If you could just look at its exciting features, you will realize that it’s grand.

When you put two and two together, you get four. This may seem like the most likely answer for you, right? Imagine it being as effortless when you pair these features together. What I’m going to talk about in the next segment is how this coffee maker is useful. So bear with me…

1. Ease of Use

The goal is to use a simple and user-friendly coffee maker at home. Something that doesn’t spill when you pour. And that it directly drips into the carafe and not on the kitchen counter.

Well, the Melitta Coffee Maker has parts that do exactly that. And some more!

The carafe base is circular with a brushed-steel thermal carafe sitting on it. The plate is deep enough to hold the carafe well. So it doesn’t slide or sit half-way on it.

The carafe has a thumb-activated opening. And it is not the usual twist-and-turn lid of most drip coffee makers. You press on the lid with your thumb and pour through a sealed carafe. It’s simple, quick, and spill-proof.

The second most easy to use feature is the filter basket. It’s a cone filter placed in a swing-out basket which snaps out when you open it. You don’t have to fill the basket with coffee awkwardly. It gives you plenty of room to do so outside the main body.

2. Programmability

The Melitta 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is functional, or it’s nothing! It has two ways in which you can tweak the coffee maker to suit your needs.

You can start from the flavor adjustment between regular, bold, and robust. Whether you put in a coarser and finer grind, you have full control.

You will realize that this coffee maker brews the full basket filter. And that it doesn’t just brew parts of it. Having such incredible customization is helpful. Also, its temperature settings are optimal delivering piping hot coffee every time.

While the coffee brewing temperature of the machine is set to stone. You can adjust the temperature of the heating plate the thermal carafe sits on. This helps when you want the coffee to stay hot and fresh for longer.

The programmability setting is meant for morning coffee drinkers. You can set a timer to ensure that by the time you wake up, you have hot coffee waiting for you. And thanks to the adjustable-temperature hot plate, this is all the more useful.

3. Hot & Iced Coffee

Can a thermal drip coffee maker make cold coffee? Well, Melitta Dripper says: Why Not?

All you have to do is add ice cubes in the thermal carafe up to the rim. Fill the water reservoir of the coffee maker up to the 5-cup mark. You can select from regular, bold, and robust coffee brews which is not common in cold coffees.

Now it’s true that cold coffee is much stronger in taste than hot. To keep that going, double-brew the coffee for a richer and aromatic taste. Say you want to drink it chilled right away. The Pause ‘n Serve feature comes in handy. You can sneak in a cup right away!

Not many drip coffee makers give you the chance to brew cold brew. This is all because of the thermal carafe. It is well-insulated from the inside and has a brushed steel finish.

With all the programming of the time and flavor, a thermal carafe is impressive. Warm the thermal carafe before placing it under the Melitta dripper. This will keep your finished coffee hot for longer.

4. Pros & Cons

It can’t be a Melitta 10 Cup Coffee Maker review without some of the disadvantages! Though you will notice an instant difference in quality and taste when you use this coffee maker.

In case of damaged parts under warranty, you can request for Melitta coffee maker replacement parts from the site. And they do deliver right away!

Melitta Coffee Maker 10 Cup Review 2020 – The Ultimate Coffee Brewer

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  • Sturdy, ergonomic, and efficient.
  • The thermal carafe keeps warm and is spill- and leak-proof.
  • The brew temperature and extraction time are accurate.
  • Flavor, time, and temperature are adjustable.


  • No water level markings on the carafe.
  • The hotplate is of poor quality.
  • The carafe is a bit tricky to use.

5. Final Thoughts

While this is a good at-home coffee brewing system for the money. The Melitta Coffee Maker 10 Cup is a basic and usable coffee maker. Just add in a delicious coffee blend with water. And out comes strong, aromatic, and smooth coffee.

It has none of the bitter aftertaste or plastic-like scent even when you use it for the first time. The features are easy to understand with a sturdy thermal carafe, filter basket, hot plate, and water reservoir.

What’s the first thing you notice about a coffee maker? Do share your thoughts in the comments below to help us test our products better.

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