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The 6 Best KitchenAid coffee makers – Updated 2020 and Latest Reviews

Choosing to buy a coffee machine is not easy, you will be lost in a real matrix of coffee machines if you do not learn well coffee makers. Today would like to offer you a review about KitchenAid coffee makers which are the most reviewed on Amazon.

We hope that after this article, you will choose the right coffee machine for you and your family to help enjoy the taste of coffee as well as save significant time.

#1 KitchenAid KCM1202WH 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffe Maker – White

This is one of the good, reliable KitchenAid coffee makers. The thing that we hear most about this coffee maker is delicious coffee and easy for use.

Many people love the display clock on the screen because it is bright enough for you to see as soon as the water enters the kitchen. The crisp white and stainless steel design feels more refreshing than other coffee machines (which you often see as black).

Also, this carafe does not drip coffee like some other carafe you’ve ever used.

In particular, users can switch to reusable filters because they help limit oil (great for those who are having cholesterol problems but still want to enjoy coffee).

Easy to remove enough water tank to fill or clean. Pause-to-pour mode stops the brewing process at any time you want.

The unit is active, and you know for sure when the carafe is in the right position. The beep indicates that the coffee-making process is not too loud; you will not wake or feel uncomfortable if you are a noise-sensitive person.


#2 KitchenAid KCM1204OB 12-Cup Coffee Maker with One Touch Brewing – Onyx Black

As you can see, KitchenAid KCM1204OB is a perfect looking machine. The design is good. Easy to understand the buttons and their functionality, not challenging to set time or auto set up.

It has a large reservoir on the back, so pouring water from a pure water pitcher is smooth.

The water level display is facing forward and is easy to see. Thanks to the large capacity, you can make a large pot of coffee for many people at the same time. The filter baskets swivel out for easy access and lift off for easy cleaning. It does not make much noise. There are a few beeps, but they are low and do not disturb, in my opinion. The retro look of the machine is also appreciated and although it seems to be made of plastic. Coffee tastes great and stays hot.


#3 KitchenAid KCM0402ER Coffee Maker, Empire Red

The KitchenAid KCM0812B coffee maker has some silver brushed steel parts, and the rest is heavy black plastic.

The tank is translucent, and the rest is opaque. So this coffee maker looks very powerful and modern. It works well.

The machine is easy to use; you just need to add coffee, water, and press a button; the beep is light and turns green. No matter how much water you put in the tank, the blue light goes out, it beeps, and it switches off when the tank runs out of water.

We recommend using the integrated metal filter as it is perfect for the final result flavor.

Using the coldest, purest water you can get. And the ground coffee powder has just created the best quality match.


#4 KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker-Brushed Stainless Steel, 28 ounce

If you do not like burning coffee beans during brewing and drinking regular coffee, cold coffee is an excellent choice for you.

This machine not only looks good in your space, but it is also easy to use and makes excellent coffee. What’s more, you can use it to make tea, too.

It shines with quality and is easy to operate. The plastic wrench doubles as a plastic nut to hold the drain and then is removed with the hose, it has another wrench at the top to install the plastic nut that holds the valve. Valves are strong and also of high quality.

The taste of cold beer is great if you’ve never had it before. You should use filtered water and heat the water enough to dissolve the sugar ahead of time to put it in the solution. You can then throw in some ice made with filtered water to cool it.

We highly recommend that you should use the integrated metal filter as it is perfect for the final result flavor.

One more thing to notice that using the coldest, purest water you can get and the ground coffee powder has just created the best quality match.

#5 KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Countour Silver

The fact that we don’t have many choices for 10-12 cup programmable coffee machines with thermos and pauses and serve. Glad this is 12 cups.

This KitchenAid coffee maker is a small device that looks good and not too big, taking up little space. Setup is easy.

You will have a delicious cup of coffee in a short time (under 1 minute). The thermos bottle does a good job of keeping your coffee hot for several hours without burning or making the coffee too strong.

Although no coffee maker is perfect, this one looks good and makes a good cup of coffee.

#6 KitchenAid KES0504OB Nespresso Bundle, Onyx Black

You do not want to miss a day using this KitchenAid coffee machine. This great household appliance is pretty better and more powerful and useful than what you expect from Kitchenaid.

Absolutely, the milk frother must be designed for cappuccino or macchiato aficionados. It is capable of producing high quality hot or cold foam milk and easy to clean.

Both expresso and milk frother have fast heating times, making it very enjoyable to use. You will not be disappointed.

You can find Orzo, Ginseng, Decaf, expresso capsules that are flavored, stronger, and less powerful as well as Lungos.

You can stop spending $ 3 for an Espresso at a coffee shop on the way to work, make your own and enjoy different convenience and taste.

It is lovely to be able to serve restaurant-quality espressos during dinner parties to complete a beautiful evening with friends.


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