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Chemex 8 Cup – Fast, Easy, & Portable [Updated Reviews for 2020]

It only takes a little bit of understanding to buy the Chemex 8 Cup. This classic 8 cup coffee maker is made of non-porous Borosilicate glass. It doesn’t absorb chemicals nor does it hold on to odors.

It’s truly a classic example of pour-over coffee. And being the Chemex Classic, it’s a catch in many ways. Every Chemex coffee maker is traditional in the making. It looks simple and exquisite by appearance and is quite enigmatic to use.

How does it brew the best coffee in the world? Let’s find out.

Chemex 8 Cup – The Features

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker

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But first, I’d like to showcase the details of this amazing product.

  • 40 ounce/8 cup capacity.
  • Polished rubber wood collar with leather tie.
  • Heat-resistant, non-porous Borosilicate glass.
  • 3-layer cone-shaped Bonded filters.

As you can see, there’s a lot up for grabs with this one. It really combines the art of brewing coffee and experiencing it first-hand. It makes all this possible without going to an overpriced coffee shop. Because the Chemex Classic Series are good and perform their best at home.

Features to Look Forward to

1. Design

Did you think only how you roast coffee influences its flavor? Well, think again. Because the material of a coffee maker has a lot to do with it as well. Compared to plastics, glass is a safer and non-toxic option.

Even at higher temperatures, a non-porous Borosilicate glass won’t break. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or odors.

If you were to use just the Chemex 8 cup on a daily basis, the glass and wood construction won’t give up. The rim can easily be covered and put into the refrigerator. It is one of the best coffee makers for a cold brew and a hot brew.

Though you shouldn’t keep the carafe directly on top of the electric coil. You can use a stainless steel wire grid in between the carafe and stove. The pour-over is simple, unique, and efficient.

2. Usability

The Chemex 8 cup shares a special feature with some of the most expensive and high-end models. And that is that it has a wide dripper cone opening. The wider the opening, the better water flow through the ground coffee.

Many pour-over filters have a constrained filter. This calls for limited water flow and insufficient coffee extraction. It’s hard to use a narrower conical filter. You have to put less ground coffee and pour very carefully.

The Chemex Coffee Maker has no such barriers. In fact, its wider cone opening allows better flexibility. You can control not only water flow but grind size to get the perfect smooth cup of coffee to your liking.

3. Brew Control

The filters of the Chemex Classic Coffee Maker are thicker. This means the taste and aroma are maintained better. Controlling the brew quality in a pour-over coffee maker isn’t easy. And the Chemex 8 cup filters’ fine and delicate construction don’t make it easier.

It would be advisable if you maintained a coffee journal. It will help you quantify how much ground coffee you’ve used. And add or reduce according to flavor and extraction.

This may take some more time off your hands. But considering how the Chemex Coffee 8 Cup works. It’s worth every minute.

The filters allow you to control from the regular, mild, and bold brew. The patented bonded filters leave no sediments or bitterness during the extraction. Nor do they make it difficult for you to pour water over the ground coffee.

What’s to Like?

It goes without saying that the Chemex 8 Cup is high-quality. Though it’s made of simple materials such as borosilicate glass and wood, it is as timeless a construction as a barista carafe.

The hourglass shape makes pouring and drip easy and fluid. And that not only complements this coffee maker’s performance. But it also looks good and grand on any kitchen counter.

The wood placed between the filter and empty space is made of eco-sustainable rubber wood. So the Chemex 8 Cup has better grip, stability, and balance.

The best part about using this coffee maker is brew control. You can alter the flavor of your coffee by using different roasts. And controlling how much ground coffee you put in.

The design has a small footprint. It allows you to tailor your brew needs and roasts. And the wide cone opening allows pouring hot water from a kettle easy. You must start from the center and work your way outward in a circular motion. This should extract strong coffee.

What’s Not to like?

Truth be told, this isn’t any easy coffee maker to use, though it looks simple and effective. The Bonded filters and hourglass shape make all the difference. For starters, this isn’t your ideal scoop-and-pour coffee maker.

The Chemex dimensions and filter are such that you need to be very mindful about. The Classic series has really outdone the rest of the competition. So it does a bit of practice getting the hang of it.

Those of you looking for a quick fix for a cup, shouldn’t buy it either. I’m telling you’re not going to get it right the first time. There’s a learning curve to this, though it isn’t so steep, it takes practice.

Final Thoughts

I was struck by the quality of the Chemex 8 Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker. Its filters brew pure and dark black coffee. You can refrigerate the brew or keep it out for as long as you want.

The design is unlikely to break or chip even though it’s made of glass. This not only speaks well of the coffee maker but also the brand. It’s a coffee brand you can trust in. Some say the Chemex Classic 8 Cup is better than a French press.

This is because of its flavor, richness, and quality are always intact and consistent. Isn’t that what all coffee connoisseurs want? To have to brew a rich and smooth cup of coffee whenever. Only the Chemex Classic can make that possible.

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