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Breville vs De’Longhi: All You Need to Know!

Tasting a delicious cup of coffee at home is easier than ever if you own a coffee maker.

And there is a wide range of coffee maker brands you can choose as Breville, De’Longhi, Cuisinart, Pavoni, etc. will help you know more about Breville and De’Longhi to take advantage of as much as benefits.

Currently, both Breville and De’Longhi produce many kinds of the coffee machine as super-automatic coffee, semi-automatic, automatic, coffee with grinders…

De’Longhi – A Leading brand from Italy

Delonghi is an Italian manufacturer, leading the world in the field of home appliances manufacturing with high-quality products and designed in Italian styles such as coffee maker, oven, and microwave.

DeLonghi coffee machine lines provide products as Automatic coffee machine, semi-automatic coffee machine, coffee grinder…

Delonghi coffee machine is a product that many offices and households hunt and buy.

With an eye-catching, compact design with extreme operating power, it can grind even coffee beans with minimal noise, suitable for offices, kitchens, or even family living rooms.

The material is durable; the body uses high-grade stainless steel which is safe for health and ensures the delicious taste of the coffee.

In addition to the function of making regular coffee cups, you can enjoy the beautiful and attractive cappuccino automatic foam cups.

Delonghi coffee machine serves a variety of customers, including office workers, families or cafes, restaurants … with many different prices and integration features to help you easily choose.

All things you need to do is choose your needs and budget.


Why should choose De’Longhi coffee machines?

    • Various product lines:

Initially, Delonghi only produced Espresso coffee machines.

However, to catch up with the market and meet the high demand of users, Delonghi researched and developed a line of automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic coffee machines.

These two models are carefully researched, bringing users exciting experiences. Besides regular coffee, the machine also makes Espresso, Capuccino, Moka cafe …

    • Fast brewing:

Delonghi coffee machine lines are equipped with strong capacity, setting up a quick heating system to shorten the preparation time.

On average, Delonghi only takes about 40 seconds to produce two delicious Espresso cups or one greasy Cappuccino.

With just a few simple steps, users can enjoy the best coffee at the office or in the family without much effort.

  • Advanced technology:

Applying the most advanced and modern technology, Delonghi produces attractive standard coffee cups.

The modern shower nozzle system helps to make the milk foam smooth and fragrant.

The large capacity container and the function of making Long Coffee (coffee filter) are suitable for men who love traditional flavours.

The function of setting up the recipe, remembering the method for the next times… helps users to be more proactive to create their stylish coffee cups.

Breville – A gift from Australia

It is undeniable that Breville’s coffee machine lines are one of the most prominent names among coffee makers today.

Breville is famous for its large capacity industrial coffee machines, established in 1932 in Sydney, Australia.

Up to now, the company has undergone a process of nearly 90 years of development intending to bring users the best quality products.

Breville coffee maker possesses a large design, large capacity, many advanced features such as a steam clock, programmable automatic start mode, dual steam system, pulse button, maximum coffee flavor.

Why should choose Breville coffee machines?

All coffee machines from Breville have had a one-year limited warranty.

Breville’s customer service officers are ready to support you at any time.

Don’t worry if you have any trouble in using Breville coffee machines. They can answer all.

  • Good and stable machine power:

Most types of coffee machines of this brand have a quite good capacity, which can make about 10 – 20 cups continuously helping save time and ensure the quality and aroma of coffee after brewing.

And practically not every device today can do this.

  • Multifunctional coffee machine:

Breville is a coffee maker brand that integrates the ability to grind and brew in one product.

Therefore during use, customers save the cost of a lot because there is no need for any coffee grinder anymore.

With the preset of 18 coffee bean sizes, customers can choose the size and smoothness to suit their mixing needs.

  • Consistent quality:

If the filter coffee brewing method does not guarantee the exact taste and uniform quality, with Breville, these disadvantages disappear.

Thanks to the boiler design with the correct heating and pressure system, the brewing time is determined in the same frame, so the espresso quality in each phase is the same.


De’Longhi is praised as an excellent choice for those who like both filtering coffee and espresso coffee because it can combine to make them taste so new and delicious.

With the functions available, Breville coffee machines are more suitable with families than De’Longhi because they let coffee temperature down naturally. So, it is more economical but still keep the consistent quality.

Basing on the information mentioned above, we try to give you all details about Breville and De’Longhi coffee machines.

We hope that you will get a general perspective on coffee machines of Breville and De’Longhi.

From that should you an idea to decide whether Breville or De’Longhi is better with you.

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