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Best Coffee Maker’s Buying guide – How to choose?


Unlike any other drink, coffee is present and welcomed in every country in the world.

People’s delightful and make their unique coffee based on the individual’s characteristics.

So investing a coffee machine at home, you can satisfy your passion at any time.

Each cup of coffee has a rich taste, delicacy and undeniable attraction.

In the sand of time, the coffee culture in each country has its own unique characteristics, expressing the lifestyle, enjoyment and art of coffee making in that country.

Enjoying coffee is not only a simple habit in the morning, but gradually becomes a sophisticated art.

Therefore, the coffee machine has become a popular appliance at home, a question many customers are most interested in which

There are many kinds of coffee machines with different models and prices on the market. But choosing the right one is not easy. will give you an overview of the most popular coffee makers and the strong brands for each type.

Basing on the brewing method, we classify coffee machine into four big groups: Pressure coffee brewers, drip coffee maker, steep brewer, and Simple traditional brewer.

And further sub-categories by convenience and features (automatic, manual, portable, single-serve, etc).

1. Pressure coffee brewer

Pressure coffee brewer is the biggest group according to our classification. If you are fanatics of Espresso, our list is specially designed for you.

As the name says, the principle of Pressure coffee brewer’s manipulation is using pressure to extract coffee.

However, depending on the level of automation, people have classified them into super-automatic, semi-automatic, automatic or manual.

While the super-automatic is entirely automatic, all process is done by only pressing without outside interference, semi-automatic requires half of the procedure to be done by hand, or manual coffee machine is operated manually.

1.1. Super automatic espresso

Super automatic espresso is more modern invention than any other coffee maker appearing on the market now.

Recommended grind: Medium (like kosher salt – a large grain size)


  • Ensure consistent quality of coffee
  • Convenient- almost like having an at-home barista
  • Especially with higher end machines


  • Not flexible while extracting coffee
  • Most expensive option

Popular brands: Delonghi, Saeco, Gaggia

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Black & Silver Espresso Maker

Inheriting technology from leading automatic coffee makers with the tradition of espresso brewing, manufacturers have created super-automatic coffee machines.

At the press of a button, these machines will do all the grinding, tamping and brewing consistent shots to your exact specifications.

1.2. Automatic Espresso machines

It can’t be denied that automatic espresso machine is one of coffee makers used most in households and coffee shop or bar.

Recommended grind: Medium (like kosher salt – a large grain size).


  • Easy to use.
  • No special skills needed.
  • Consistent quality.


  • No control over the shot timing.

Popular brands: Barsetto, Baratza, Breville,

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black, CM1160B

The quality of coffee you enjoy from automatic coffee makers is excellent because they programme with the standard of an international taste.

The delicious taste comes from the amount of sugar, water, and coffee powder adjusted according to the most accurate rate.

The temperature of the coffee is also adjusted; accordingly, you do not need to manipulate much.

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1.3. Semi automatic Espresso machines

Semi automatic Espresso machine is somewhat more complicated than an automatic coffee machine.

All its natural activities are only half as much as the automatic coffee machine, and the rest is by human influence.

Recommended grind: Fine (like a table salt).


  • The perfect blend of manual flexibility and automatic convenience.
  • Tend to be cheaper than other automatic options.
  • Still get some personal satisfaction since you have to be physically/mentally present to use one.


  • Can has a bit of a learning curve.

Popular brands: La Pavoni, Nuova Simonelli Espresso, Lelit

CaCapresso EC100 Semi Automatic Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

This machine has the equipment to create art cappuccino cups, macchiato art, so you need to equip a little knowledge about latte art to use effectively.

Semi automatic coffee makers have many styles and sizes, meeting the needs of users.

Note that the machine can only make coffee in fine form because it doesn’t have a function to grind coffee beans.

How to use:

  • Grind coffee into powder.
  • Put coffee in the filter.
  • Compress coffee (you can use a compression device attached directly to the machine or specific device).
  • Automatic coffee making the machine.
  • Turn off the device.

1.4. Bean-to-cup machines (coffee machine with a grinder)

Bean-to-cup machines are different from others because it is integrated coffee grinder to the main body of the coffee machine.

So it can grind the coffee and prepare a coffee for you at the same time.

Recommended grind: any kinds of beans you like


  • Friendly, fast, and efficient.
  • A great choice for any self-service environment.
  • High quality of coffee.
  • Offer a variety of coffee drinks.


  • One of the most expensive options in the market
  • It is difficult to move

Popular brands: Saeco , Breville

KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-start Coffee Maker with Builtin Burr Coffee Grinder

A bean-to-cup machine is essentially an automatic coffee machine.

It is like a real robot, with just press button once, the device will automatically perform 100%.

It works from grinding coffee beans to considering the ratio of coffee and water to you the perfect cup of coffee.

All functions are combined inside a device with minimal design and comfort.

For devotees who love this particular drink, it is great to have a coffee machine.

1.5. Manual Espresso machines

This is the fully manual espresso machine, just with hot water and no electricity you can make your amazing coffee.

Recommended grind: Fine (like a table salt).


  • Durability.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No professional skills required.


  • Not consistent quality.
  • Bulky.
  • Boil water separately.

Popular brands: ROK

ROK EspressoGC

This product is perfect to brew coffee at home, office. It doesn’t use electricity or something like that.

With compression pressures of up to 5-10 bars is almost too great for a manual Espresso machine.

Designed strongly and luxuriously, this machine uses classic coffee compression-pressing method. Therefore it is suitable for customers who prefer craft tools.

How to use:

  • Put the ground coffee into the Filter Spoon and start compressing.
  • Put the Filter Spoon into the locked position.
  • Pour freshly boiled water into the top of the product.
  • Raise the two handles of the product to the highest position.
  • Press down firmly to the lowest position and hold for a while for Cafe to flow down.

1.6. Single Serve Espresso machines (Nespresso)

Nespresso coffee machine has many characteristics that lead consumers to an experience of Italian taste with reasonable price, convenience, and the least manipulation for users.

Recommended grind: Nespresso pod


  • Easy to use.
  • Consistent taste.
  • Creating perfect crema.
  • The pods look cool.


  • Expensive.
  • Exclusive, only use the Nespresso coffee pods.

Popular brands: Nespresso

Nespresso by De'Longhi ENV135BAE Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother, Black

The Nespresso capsule coffee machine is simple in design and compact in size (much smaller than a professional coffee machine).

However, the final value of coffee is not small.

One utility of the Nespresso capsule coffee maker is that it can serve almost flavours for each person’s preferences, which is also a pain.

Pods are a wide range of tastes, fit with all requirements of people.

How to use:

  • Check the water reservoir.
  • Switch the machine on.
  • Place the cup on the tray under the nozzle.
  • Insert the Nespresso pod.
  • Setting the beverage size on vertuo.
  • Release and remove the used pod.

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1.7. Moka Pot (can put them directly on a stove or campfire – so called “stovetop”)

Moka Pot is the favourite coffee maker, originated in Italia.

Recommended grind: Medium-Fine (between kosher and table salt).


  • Affordable alternative to espresso machines.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Strong coffee.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maintenance and durability


  • For use on the stovetop only
  • Multiple parts to assemble and clean
  • Limited quantity
  • Temperature control

Popular brands: Coffee Gator, Bialetti, GROSCHE

Bialetti 06853 moka Stovetop coffee maker, 12-Cup, Aluminum

There are many reasons to turn it into the top choice of coffee drinkers such as simplicity, compactness, well-proportioned appearance, and reasonable cost, as well.

Not only be Moka Pot the way to brew a good cup of espresso without complicated machinery, but also it is a cultural legacy belonging to the original Italian.

It keeps friends and family members together, helps them enjoy endless passion while carrying out the traditional “espresso coffee ritual”.

Surely you will have a great espresso with Moka Express.

Moka Pot is a coffee maker using the reverse osmosis principle to create a simple, unique coffee maker that produces hot coffee cups instantly.

Currently, manufacturers have introduced the electric Moka Pot to meet the higher demand of the customer.

How to use

  • The water boils until evaporated – the more boiling, the greater the steam pressure.
  • Steam runs through the filter containing coffee grind, then steam mixes with the coffee like using boiling water for coffee.
  • The bottom steam rises, creates pressure, pushes the coffee quintessence up.

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1.8. Aeropress

AeroPress coffee pot is a new type of coffee press with ideal characteristics: proper temperature, thoroughly soaked coffee and fast filtration.

Recommended grind: Fine (like table salt).


  • Easy to use.
  • Great for travel.
  • Short time for brewing.


  • Makes one cup at a time.
  • Not fun to clean afterwards.
  • All parts are made of plastic.

Popular brands: AeroPress

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Pressing

The Aeropress coffee machine was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the owner, and president of AeroPress Inc of Palo Alto.

In spite of being one of the lastest appearances among kinds of coffee machines, Aeropress has won the consumers’ hearts rapidly and the experts around the world, also.

The Aeropress coffee machine is designed based on the principle of light air pressure – manual compression to extract coffee soaked in ideal boiling temperature.

It helps extract the rich flavour of the coffee with a variety of attractive flavours of arabica coffee beans but not bitter and has very low acidity.

This way of extracting can make 1-4 espresso cups in 1 minute.

AeroPress coffee pot is used universally in the kitchen.

However, because of the lightweight, compactness, and durability, all of them make Aeropress ideal when you go camping, backpacking, sailing, or only travelling.

How to use:

  • Install the microfilter to the bottom of the AeroPress bottle and turn the lid tight.
  • Add a scoop of fine coffee grind to the jar.
  • Place a vertical jar on a sturdy ceramic cup, then pour boiling water into the jar (80ºC is the manufacturer’s recommended temperature).
  • Stir the water and coffee with the paddle for about 10 seconds.
  • Insert the plunger into the jar and gently press it down 0.5cm, then continue to maintain that pressure for 20 to 30 seconds (gentle pressure is the key to ease AeroPressing) and compress the coffee down.

2. Drip Brewers (Filtration Coffee machines)

Drip coffee brewer – Filtration coffee machine with a closed process has the same way as brewing by the traditional filter.

Its design is quite simple, takes less time so many people add to their kitchen.

2.1.  Drip coffee makers

If you prefer convenience to perfection, auto-drip is the right choice.

Recommended grind: Medium-Fine (between kosher and table salt)


  • Use and clean easily.
  • Brew coffee quickly.


  • Coffee’s fruity.
  • Somewhat sweeter notes were masked by a sharper acidity.

Popular brands: Technivorm Moccamaster, Ninja, Cuisinart, Delonghi, BUNN

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker, Stainless steel and black finish

A line of automatic coffee machines is geared towards those who do not specialize in making coffee.

And users need to wait until the machine extracts a delicious and attractive coffee cup.

The advantage of the automatic coffee machine is a simple operation.

You don’t need to remember many options or pay attention to the amount of water, the brewing time.

All of the above operations programme in detail.

This programme will save you time while the coffee cup is still delicious, quality assurance.

Not only that, this product line has a compact design, delicate and luxurious colours. They are suitable for cafes, restaurants, offices, and families.

On the market today, there are many different types of automatic coffee machine products, depending on the needs and purposes that you can choose a suitable machine.

How to use:

  • Grind coffee beans to medium-fine.
  • If using a paper filter, place in the filter basket and moisten with hot water. Let the water run through to carafe and discard.
  • To make four 6-oz cups, place about 6 Tbsp ground coffee into the filter. Pour 24 oz cold filtered water into the water reservoir. Press to start.

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2.2. Pour Over/Manual Drip Brew

Pour Over coffee method becomes a more and more popular trend in the world.

Recommended grind: Medium Coarse (less chunky)


  • Easy to pour from carafe, great strength control.


  • The narrow neck makes it difficult to clean by hand.

Popular brands: Chemex

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker, 10 Cup - Exclusive Packaging

This way of making coffee is not only enjoyed by the coffee lovers at home but also by the professional barista at specialty coffee shops.

Many people have a passion for making this coffee because brewers can easily customize any factors that affect coffee quality, create their coffee or highlight the uniqueness of a coffee somehow.

The Pour Over coffee method is simply understood as a method of controlling the flow of water evenly over the surface of the coffee powder after grinding.

The water will combine with the coffee powder to extract the flavour from the coffee, then extract the drops of coffee flowing through the filter paper.

How to use:

  • Heat up the water. Water needs boiling around 200 -250 0F.
  • Measure beans and grind it medium coarse.
  • Place paper filter in the vessel and moisten with hot water. Pour off excess water.
  • Put Chemex on the gram scale. Zero the scale.
  • Place the ground coffee into the filter. Zero the scale.
  • Pour hot filtered water (205° F) in a circular motion to cover the grounds. Wait 45 seconds.
  • Pour the rest of the water slowly in a circular motion over grounds.

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2.3. Single Serve Coffee maker

Popular brands: Keurig, Hamilton Beach

You will be surprised if you know how many Single Serve coffee machines have been sold on the global market.

Many economists and coffee experts claim that Single Serve coffee machines started the third war in tasting coffee.

It works well in controlling the amount of coffee needed for brewing if you only want to make one or two cups, it means that you don’t have to brew full of the pot just only for a cup.

That brewing time is shorter than other machines is its outstanding compared to other devices.

There are two main lines of Single Serve coffee machine that the consumer can consider.

a. K-Cup

Recommended grind: Capsule or Pod (pre-packed by manufacture)


  • Avoid wasting coffee.
  • Super fast.
  • Super easy.
  • Reusable coffee filters allow you to use your own fancy grounds and not their less-fancy pods.


  • Not environmentally friendly.

Upgrade Single Serve Coffee Maker

The K cup single serve is the simplest single serve using capsule.

This kind is a fully automatic machine, simple button design. So it is easy to use. It only takes 20 seconds for you to enjoy a perfect cup of pure coffee.

The biggest disadvantage is the non-recyclable product, it is against the trend of the world in using eco-friendly material.

How to use:

  • Turn on the machine.
  • Fill the water in the reservoir.
  • Choose the capsule/pod with your favourite flavour.
  • Insert to K cup to your machine.
  • Place the K cup on the tray at the bottom centre of the machine.
  • Remember to remove the used K cup.

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b. Tassimo Disc machines

Recommended grind: Capsule or Pod (pre-packed by manufacture).


  • Fast and Simple to use.
  • Various taste.


  • Low control.
  • A limited type of coffee.

Tassimo T12 coffee machine

Tassimo Disc machines deserve to appear in your kitchen, not only coffee; it is a multifunctional machine because it can create other drinks such as hot chocolate, tea.

Like other coffee machine using pod or capsule, Tassimo Disc machines have no limit in flavour for drinkers because it is designed with a barcode to recognize which flavour pod is put in, then you will have a hot, delicious cappuccino, latte

Note: This machine is especially useful when you have a sudden guest, and you can serve them which drink they like.

How to use:

  • Add water to the water reservoir.
  • Place a coffee mug or cup on the cup holder in the front of the machine.
  • Press the Power button to turn on.
  • Open the brew head lid, then insert a T disc containing the desired beverage type.
  • Wait for the standby light to flash.
  • Press the “Start/Stop” button to begin the brewing process.
  • Remove the used T disc once the orange standby light illuminates.
  • Turn of the machine.

2.4. Vietnamese Coffee makers

Recommended grind: Medium Coarse (less chunky)


  • Make a uniquely delicious coffee.


  • Designed for coffee only.
  • Multiple parts to clean.

Popular brands: Gladiator coffee, Thang Long,

Vietnamese Dripper Coffee Machine Filter. Suitable for Trung Nguyen Coffee- Gravity Insert

Along with Southern American countries, South East Asia is also an area which is famous for coffee, whereas Vietnamese coffee is the best known.

Partly Vietnam is the second-largest producer of coffee for the world, but mainly due to the unique way of brewing Vietnamese coffee, simple but surprisingly effective.

We believed that Vietnamese coffee filter has the simplest design that you’ve seen with four parts: cup, press, lid, bottom filter.

How to use:

  • Put coffee grind in cup.
  • Pour over hot water.
  • Put on the lid.

2.5. Percolator (isn’t much different than regular drip brewer)

When mentioning to the coffee machines that appeared earliest, we can’t help listing percolator.

Recommended grind: Coarse (very chunky)


  • Consistent and reliable.
  • Flavorful brew every time.
  • Durable build.
  • Brews 1-12 cups (5-60oz) quickly.


  • Multiple parts to assemble and clean.

Popular brands: Euro cuisine, Coletti, Presto,

Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

In the beginning, this brewing tool was intended for home use and could be heated by the stove.

But now the electrical version is common thanks for the development of technology.

Its operation is brewing coffee by evaporating pressure through the coffee compartments.

A coffee percolator has a pot with a small chamber at the bottom.

This chamber is closest to the heat source.

There is a vertical tube that leads from it to the top of the coffee percolator.

Just below the upper end of the tube is the perforated chamber.

How to use:

  • Grind coffee coarse.
  • Pour water into the jar, put the coffee in the top compartment of the filter.
  • Boil, water will evaporate through the coffee compartment, absorb the substance, coffee flavour and drip back to the bottom of the bottle. The process is repeated until the desired coffee solution is obtained.
  • Pour out the glass, let it cool and enjoy.

2.6. Cold Drip

Cold drip is in some devices invented finally just for 10 years.

Recommended grind: Coarse (very chunky).


  • Produces a brew that is smooth and low in acidity.
  • Quick and convenient.


  • Takes 12 hours to brew.
  • Unable to control the heat of water.

Popular brands: KitchenAid, Takeya, Bean Envy, Royal Brew, Yamaha Glass

KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker-Brushed Stainless Steel, 28 ounce

Tasting of coffee brewed by cold water is different from hot water. If you’ve ever tried it before, you will be strongly impressed.

Coffee is brewed according to the cold drip method is little stronger with less caffeine.

How to use:

    • Add coffee and cold water.
    • Steep in 12 hours or more.
    • Remove the filter and dump coffee ground.

3. Steep brewers

This group is used widely for its convenience, affordability, and ease of use.

In addition, it also allows adjusting the coffee concentration, suitable for everyone’s taste.

3.1. French Press

The French Press gradually becomes one of the most popular coffee making tools in the world today.

Recommended grind: Coarse (very chunky)


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Affordable.
  • Offer excellent taste.


  • Glass pots are fragile.
  • Taste varies.

Popular brands: Bodum, SterlingPro, Coffee Gator, Frieling, Le Creuset, Utopia Kitchen,

KONA French Press Coffee Maker

In 1930, an Italian named Martin S. A invented the phase-maker of the first-ever piston-shaped cylinder in the world.

From a very early stage, this vase used stainless steel to make, then gradually replaced with glass.

This type of flask was later popularized in France and increasingly improved.

The French press is extremely simple and very popular in the US and Europe because they believed that the French press is the best way to fully enjoy the taste of the coffee.

Coffee will be “fully immersed” in water to unleash the flavour.

Howard Schultz – President and CEO of Starbucks coffee company also mentioned that the French press is his favourite mixing device in Onward.

With a minimalist-focused design, the French press is easy to use at home, for those who want to enjoy coffee quickly, and do not take much time to “clean the battlefield”.

You do not need to heat on the stove, swaying about time like Siphon or Moka kettle, do not have to prepare filter paper with many operations such as Pour-over, Chemex and more technical factors compared to Espresso or AeroPress very much.

Design of French Press is quite simple, including the frame, cross plate, filter screen, spiral plate, plunger rod, carafe, plunger filter, plunger knob.

How to use:

  • Add coffee and hot water to French press.
  • Stir and wait for 4 minutes.
  • Press the plunger down.
  • Pour a cup.

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3.2. Siphon

Siphon coffee maker was invented in the 1870s, its appearance is the unexpected combination between coffee and science.

Recommended grind: Medium-Fine (between kosher and table salt)


  • Most drammatic of all brewing coffee methods.
  • Produce flavorful coffee.
  • Allow for maximum control of heat and steeping times.
  • Full immersion of grounds in water extracts a full spectrum of flavors from coffee.


  • Fragile and labour-intensive.
  • Not easy to store.
  • Intensive cleaning.
  • Expensive due to special filters, a butane heater, the apparatus itself.

Popular brands: Hario, KitchenAid, Yamaha Glass, Bodum, Nispira

Hario Technica 5-Cup Glass Syphon Coffee Maker

The definition of “artistic coffee” is quite complicated.

But when you look at the Siphon jar, you’ll find the answer to that question.

The whole process of making coffee with Siphon jar is a combination of pure coffee aroma and emotion of the soul.

Coffee is extracted according to the principle of pressure combined with a vacuum flask.

Designing like a chemical experiment may make you feel rather stylish, but for us, this is one of the best ways to make coffee so you can enjoy the aroma of each type of coffee.

How to use:

  • Place the metal or cloth filter through the upper glass of siphon.
  • Fill water in the lower glass.
  • Turn on the halogen or butane burner.
  • Grind the needed amount of coffee.
  • Heating up water until it will be sucked up to the upper glass.
  • Stir well to make all coffee be saturated.
  • Remove heat and turn off the burner after 90s.
  • Give the second stir after 45s and then repeat.
  • Remove the upper glass portion.
  • Pour into cup and enjoy it.

4. Simple traditional brewer

Those who love coffee as a sacred ritual will not be able to ignore this type of coffee machine.

Use traditional tools to feel the wonderful blend of coffee beans.

4.1. Turkish Coffee Pot

Ibrik coffee (also known as Turkish coffee) is a traditional method of enjoying Turkish coffee.

Recommended grind: Extra Fine (like powdered sugar)


  • Quick and easy.
  • A unique, strong flavor and aroma.
  • Minimal equipment required.


  • Very easy to over boil and burn your coffee.
  • Will not work with induction stoves – only a flame.
  • The end of the brew is silty.

Popular brands: CopperBull, Azzrum Okka, Beko,

CopperBull THICKEST Solid HaCopperBull THICKEST Solid Hammered Copper Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Pot Stovetop Coffee Maker

The coffee is finely ground (the finest of all brewing techniques) and then boiled with water in a particular device called Ibrik.

After cooking, coffee is poured into a cup and used immediately, without filtering.

Note: Now you can use electric Turkish, check out some popular brands we listed above.

How to use:

  • Measure cold water.
  • Add extra fine coffee.
  • Place pot of water on the stove.
  • Allow coffee and sugar to dissolve.
  • Stir it several times the coffee starts to foam.
  • Move the pot from the heat source.

4.2. Non-electric percolator

If you can only choose the only coffee maker to go to the forest, camping certainly you should bring a non-electric percolator.

Recommended grind: Medium Coarse (less chunky)


  • Cheap and simple.
  • Easy to travel.
  • Heavy-duty material.
  • Non-reactive interior.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Design prevents complete pour draining of the percolator.

Popular brands: Farberware, Cuisinart, Coleman,

Farberware Farberware 50124 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Stovetop Percolator

Different from other coffee machines like Aeropress or drip, electric percolator to get coffee, you have to make hot water.

And naturally, on a bad day, you forget about the kettle, the other types of machines can not be used.

Camping coffee makers are different.

Using the same osmotic pressure principle as a percolator, you just need to set fire, put the coffee in the jar, wait for the water to boil, and you have a hot, rich cup of coffee to enjoy.

Simplicity, tradition, no fuss and extreme practicality are the advantages of a camping coffee maker.

However, the inconvenience is still carried because the bottle is made of metal and the capacity is only about 1-2 cups of coffee for a single boil.

Coffee made with a camping coffee maker is suitable for those who love to drink strong coffee.

How to use:

    • Add cold water to reservoir based on the amount of coffee ground.
    • Assemble your stovetop percolator correctly.
    • Add coffee grounds.
    • Turn up the heat.
    • Watch it and set timer.
    • Remove it from the heat.
    • Remove the coffee grounds.


Each type of coffee maker will have its advantages, depending on the purpose of use you can choose 1 of the four above models.

With all the information mentioned above, we hope to help you choose the coffee maker that is as suitable as possible.

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