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Best Coffee Canister 2020– Which to Retain Maximum Freshness

The best way to extract maximum flavor from coffee is by preserving it. And what’s the one thing that could do that? It’s the best coffee canister. How else are you planning to keep coffee in your home?

Keeping coffee in its packaged bag is a bad idea. Not unless the bag itself comes with its own airtight seal. If it doesn’t, don’t think folding the top part is going to be enough.

A good coffee canister is a storage container with a seal and lid. It locks out air, moisture, light, and other unwanted elements. So your whole beans or coffee grind is fresher for longer, even for up to a whole month for somebody who drinks coffee alone.

If that’s the sort of thing, you’re looking for. Then you need a good coffee canister to store coffee in like these choices.

Best 5 Coffee Canister Brands

#1 Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container – Best airtight coffee canister

If you are more inclined towards using a heavy-duty and serious canister, you need the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container. It has all the necessary features that make it super reliable and long-lasting.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

This airtight coffee container is airtight sealed made of high-quality materials. It has surgical-grade stainless steel with a quick-release lid and clasp. All these features really do a good job at keeping elements out, such as CO2, dust, UV rays, and moisture. Nothing outside the canister ever gets in. So it keeps coffee beans and grounds fresh and dry all the time.

A special feature of this best coffee canister is the Date Wheel. It’s what you can set to track the coffee’s ‘best-before’ and roasting date. So you’d never forget to change the coffee out in case it goes stale.


  • The Wicovalve release vent is properly-sealed and rugged.
  • Simplistic-looking and high-quality.


  • The top lid isn’t centrally-aligned.

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#2 Planetary Designs Airscape Coffee Storage Canister – Best coffee bean container

There’s something special about the Planetary Designs Airscape Canister. You’d be a lot happier with this. It locks in both freshness and flavor for the longest time. The materials it’s made from is BPA-free and stainless steel.

Planetary Designs Airscape Coffee Storage Canister

The lid is just that it pushes air out as soon as you close it. So there’s no moisture or lingering air inside the canister. The stainless steel construction also has a restaurant-grade quality to it.

While this may sound too simple for you, the quality affects the performance. And knowing how effective Planetary Designs is as a brand. This canister offers a good balance between sealing and preserving coffee’s freshness.

The body takes up less space on any kitchen counter. It’s easy to hold, accessible, and durable. It holds both whole beans and grounds. But I found the whole bean preservation more accurate than grounds.

The parts are BPA-free, no consumable, and rugged. The plastic the lid uses is thick and not flimsy. The gaskets look like they’re going to last for a while. So there’s nothing you need to worry about.


  • The air-sucking sealer prolongs the shelf life of coffee.
  • The rubber bottom is non-skid and hassle-free.


  • The sticker is hard to remove.

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#3 Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister – Best stainless steel coffee canister

A basic yet profound coffee canister, the Primica is a classy pick. It’s the first thing you will take out of your kitchen cabinet to brew flavorful coffee.

Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Made from stainless steel, it’s high-quality and durable. It holds on to a single pound of beans and 0.8lb of ground coffee. The canister is sealed and airtight to preserve flavor.

If you know anything about “the bloom” of coffee, you will know that it’s a serious concern among coffee connoisseur.

To keep coffee fresh, you need a canister to keep out CO2, sunlight, and moisture. This canister is made from stainless steel. And it is BPA-free and high-grade quality. This makes it an inviting choice for environmental-conscious buyers.

The most defining feature of this coffee ground holder is the handy scoop. It holds up to 10g of coffee which is exactly how much you will need for brewing. It helps a lot of people who search for the ideal coffee amount to brew in French Press.


  • The canister is eco-friendly and portable.
  • Solid quality and easy to wash.


  • The lid is not centrally-aligned.

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#4 OXO Good Grips Airtight Coffee POP Container – Best sealed coffee container

While most coffee canisters are opaque, this best coffee canister isn’t. It’s a non-opaque coffee container which blocks not only air but also UV rays.

OXO Good Grips Airtight Coffee POP Container

It holds up to a single pound of coffee beans or grounds. The lid has a button which has an air-seal on top of it. This means you can air seal the container with a press of a button. The container looks edgy and feels comfortable.

The size is convenient and easy to handle. To hold the container from outside is not slippery. And you can stack it on top of other boxes since it has a flat surface.

You can keep all sorts of UV-sensitive foods including coffee and tea. The high-quality construction keeps the coffee fresh. The lid is easy to open and close. Though it’s not a vacuum-sealed container, it keeps things pretty dry and neat.

It’s rugged because even after dropping it, it won’t break or crack! The pressure tab on top to seal air out is impressive. It keeps air out, UV rays out, and moisture out. All the unwanted elements that could spoil the flavor and aroma of your coffee.


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • The air-seal keeps coffee fresh for up to 2 weeks.


  • No air vacuum to remove the air out.

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#5 Oggi Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Airtight Canister – Best opaque coffee canister

The Oggi comes with two different options for coffee and tea. The canister for coffee has an acrylic lid and a stainless steel body. While the lid is see-through with a silicone gasket. The body is amongst those that keep the body rugged and long-lasting.

Oggi Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Airtight Canister

It’s perfect for every coffee lover’s needs because it keeps air, CO2, moisture, and UV rays out. If you’re storing beans to grind later, you need to keep CO2 out. And only a sealed or vacuum airtight canister can do that.

The walls are made thick, durable, and effective. The body is easy to handle and the silicone is rugged. Nothing about this best coffee canister feels flimsy. It’s the long-term coffee storage solution for you.

The silver design looks aesthetically-pleasing and sleek. The rubber between the lid and the container keep things steady. If you want to know what keeps coffee fresh and live, you need the Oggi Brushed Stainless Steel to take home.


  • The top pieces are the sturdiest.
  • The seal is airtight and CO2-free.


  • Not see-through.

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Final Thoughts

It’s true that coffee can go bad. And the only solution for it is to buy a coffee canister. If you’re looking to buy the top-performing pick, the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container is a handful choice.

It gets the job done by keeping coffee fresh and aromatic. The airtight seal keeps the quality of beans intact. So even if you spend extra bucks on expensive beans. You don’t have to worry about the beans going bad faster.

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