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Top 10 Best Cappuccino K-cups 2020 [Reviews and Recommendations]

Are you getting the required kick start from your cappuccino K-cups blend to start your day? If not, then we got you covered with a list of top 10 best Cappuccino K-cups to tingle your taste buds and making feel-good chemicals to last longer in your brain so that you can fight this world with all your might.

You might not give too much attention to Cappuccino K-cups your coffee maker machine is using. Just think in this way a coffee machine is just a body, the soul of the coffee machine is K-cup. All the taste, the aroma comes from the cappuccino pods you put in.

This article will help you buy the best Cappuccino K-cups. So you save you money, time, and effort into researching which one tastes the best.

I’ve come up with a list of top 10 Best Cappuccino K-cups so fill your coffee mugs, cause we are just getting started.

#1 Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino

At the top of the list, we have Grove Square Fresh Vanilla Cappuccino. It is an amalgamation of pure vanilla and bold coffee flavors. The flavor of sweet vanilla and strong coffee is a perfect blend to satisfy your tastebuds.

Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino

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  • The combination of Vanilla and Coffee blends in complete harmony.
  • K-cups are compatible with both 1.0 and Keurig 2.0.
  • Have authentic flavor then the rest of them.
  • Pocket-friendly.


  • A bit more on a calories side.

One of the most preferred products across the globe, it has the top spot on our list because of its sweet-strong aroma and taste.

The price will give you freedom to enjoy the cappuccino daily and not just for treats. No need to add any extra ingredients as the mixture has creamer in it.

The combination of Vanilla and Coffee is like a match made in heaven. The sweet aroma of vanilla will make you feel refreshed in a minute. If you like vanilla then choosing this K-cup is a no brainer, to be honest.

It’s Kosher certified meaning you don’t need to worry about the ingredients within your K-cups.

#2 Indulgio Cappuccino Sweet and Salty Caramel

Standing just behind the pole position, we have Indulgio Cappuccino Sweet and Salty Caramel. It’s the best of both worlds with a pinch of sweetness blended so perfectly with pleasant savory.

Indulgio Cappuccino Sweet and Salty Caramel

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  • The caramel completely indulges with the coffee flavor.
  • Works fine with Keurig 2.0.
  • The creaminess is hard to beat.


  • Sometimes K-cup powder is too thick to flow in the machine properly.
    It has a little bit of extra sugar taste.

Don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say you have not lived until you have tried this! The caramel is just perfect not too much to make the coffee into liquid candy.

The beverage allows you to capture the taste of the coffee house at the convenience of your kitchen. As it has a little salty flavor, it’s different from any other caramel flavored coffee/

Furthermore, these K-cups can work with Keurig 2.0 version, so if you are the one who owns it will get the maximum benefit from these K-cups.

#3 LoveSome Hazelnut Cappuccino K-cups

A neverending craving for Hazelnuts. I’ve been there and honestly speaking the LoveSome Hazelnut Cappuccino K-cups were there to help me with my yearning for Hazelnut.

LoveSome Hazelnut Cappuccino K-cups

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  • It’s readily available at affordable cost with high quantity.
  • The Hazelnut flavor is not overpowering.
  • No need of adding any sweetener correctly light ready to go cappuccino.


  • Sometimes K-cups causes residue which clogs the Keurig.

The beans are 100% Arabic and have just the pinch of sweetness to give you the sweet aroma of Hazelnut.

In case, you one of those who prefer dark coffee, you can easily have it in a half of cup to suit your taste. If you are looking for something that jump-starts your day, this K-cup is for you.

The coffee is smooth, but flavors add a whole new punch to it. Furthermore, it’s an all-timer you can drink it in the morning, evening, and in the afternoon. Don’t need to add milk and sugar; it comes with a natural sweetener and milk powder mix inside the K-cup.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who don’t want their coffee to be sweet, then my friend, this blend is not for you.

#4 Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll

If Cinnamon rolls are you every time food, then we have just the right thing for you. Now you think a flavored coffee is just a flavor now coffee, but Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll will surely change your mind.

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll

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  • Lighter roast coffee making it perfect for starting your day with.
  • It has the charm of being a perfectly balanced Cinnabon flavor with that of coffee.
  • Delicious coffee at it’s best with the everlasting goodness.
  • Keurig Quality tested, thus it gives the best results with Keurig.


  • Not recommended for Diabetic patients.
  • Sometimes coffee gets overpowered by cinnamon.

The flavor isn’t like the eruption of other blends. It’s a complete package of coffee with the addition of Cinnabon flavor. Moreover, it has the perfect aroma and taste ratio; neither of the two is too weak nor too firm.

The Cinnabon Classic is for those who want to have some extra flavor in their morning coffee. It’s a delicious way to add the taste of cinnamon in a regular mug of coffee.

The beans used in the blend are Arabica with the light to medium roast, making it perfect for those who don’t drink coffee to wake themselves up.

Flavors are distinct and taste great, but it’s not for those who love strong coffee.

#5 GEVALIA Cappuccino K-CUP Pods

If you are not looking to add some extra punch to your Cappuccino Gevalia, Cappuccino K-cup is made for you. It’s a no-nonsense blend making it close to the real cappuccino experience from your Keurig Machine.

GEVALIA Cappuccino K-CUP Pods

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  • The K-cups uses real milk for the cappuccino froth.
  • You can use it for both 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the Keurig brewer machine.
    100% Arabic beans.
  • The coffee-making process is simple and requires no extra stuff.


  • Strong flavor is not suitable for those who are looking mild brew.
  • The packs are a bit expensive as each box comes with only 6 packs of K-cups.
  • Sometimes froth has plumps.

It provides you authentic coffee shop taste with its espresso roasted Arabic beans straight to your private kitchen. This easy to make coffee has perfect flavor with nice froth.

Moreover comes with extra froth packets made from real milk to give you those lovely froth mustache you crave — the best alternative for costly Starbucks, which you can only get from Starbucks cafe.

Let’s be true it won’t give you the exact real shop coffee cappuccino experience, but it’s so close that we have to put it on our list. It’s the closest you will get to Italian cappuccino perfection.

Both the taste and looks are the same as of your cafe cappuccino. The process is simple, fast, and mess-free. The K-cups pack more kick than the standard blends provides.

#6 Grove Square Cappuccino Hazelnut

Everyone wants to start their day with the freshness and what better way to start it with Grove Square cappuccino Hazelnut. The flavor and the aroma will make you feel like eating the real Hazelnuts but not literally.

Grove Square Cappuccino Hazelnut

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  • Perfectly balances the taste of Hazelnut with that of Coffee without sacrificing any of the two worlds.
  • It comes with added creamer.
  • A perfect flavor for sweet lovers.
  • You can drink it at any time of the day, and every hour is perfect to have this coffee.


  • The price is a bit high, and it keeps on fluctuating, so you need the patience to grab a perfect deal.
  • If you are a diabetic patient or don’t like sugar, it’s not your cup of coffee.

The flavor consists of a mixture of a little bit of butter, sugar, and irresistible Hazelnuts. The sweetness of this cappuccino may hit you hard. It’s an every time drink.

These K-cups are mild, making them perfect for laid back evenings and Sunday afternoons. Also, you don’t need to add anything into it to get more flavor it just a ready to drink once it comes out from the Keurig coffee maker.

Even if you are not a coffee lover, you need to try it as the flavor of Hazelnut is just too irresistible, or you can try it if you are the one who’s looking for a change of taste in your coffee.

It surely is the contender of your next favorite coffee flavor.

#7 Double Donut Double Caramel Cappuccino

Are you a Donut fan? Then Double Donut Caramel Cappuccino is the perfect coffee blend for you. The flavor beautifully merges creamy caramel with cappuccino making your day start with freshness and energy.

Double Donut Double Caramel Cappuccino

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  • Captures the true essence of caramel with the cappuccino.
  • Comes at a low price without taking any chances on flavor quality.
  • Works with Both Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 machine versions.
  • The creaminess of cappuccino and caramel will give you the freshness you
  • want from your coffee mug.


  • The powder has high density making it stuck in machine sometimes.
  • Might be a bit sweet for those who prefer less sugar.

The double donut caramel gives you the option of going pocket-friendly while maintaining the quality of the product. The taste is sweet but not too overpowering.

No need of any add ups everything is already there in the K-cup mixture. It comes with both added sugar and milk, thus making the whole brewing process much more comfortable and fast.

These K-cups are for those who love their coffee with a little bit of extra punch of sugar with froth being present in just the right proportion.

#8 Solimo French Vanilla Cappuccino

Another one for our vanilla lovers. At number 8 on our list, we have Solimo french vanilla cappuccino with its rich light roasted coffee beans packed with a punch of sweetness in addition to the creamy vanilla flavor.

Solimo French Vanilla Cappuccino

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  • Comes with added milk and sugar.
  • Affordable price without any compromises with quality.
  • Overall a decent cup of flavored coffee.


  • The froth is missing.
  • Taste is a bit bland.

These K-cups packs dessert all by itself, and If you like caramel the way I do, you won’t be disappointed. Even though it’s not associated with any brand, it still delivers exceptional quality.

Not a heavy brew just pure caramel flavor topped with coffee beans mixture. Furthermore, the price is the winning point as K-cups contain flavors and add ons as well. So you don’t need to think about pouring milk first.

If you are one of those coffee lovers who are looking for some money-saving and want to brew your coffee at home without compromising the quality, then this K-cup brew will be your friend.

It would be better if the K-cups could deliver just a bit more flavor in a single mug as sometimes the coffee comes out bland and misses its mark in terms of Vanilla flavor.

#9 Indulgio Hazelnut Cappuccino

If you like the sweet, buttery flavor of Hazelnut, you will surely be happy from Indulgio Hazelnut Cappuccino. Hazelnut being one of the hard flavours to find in cappuccino still blends flawlessly with the cappuccino.

Indulgio Hazelnut Cappuccino

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  • Excellent Combination of Hazelnut and Cappuccino.
  • Pocket-friendly cost making it best for those looking for flavored coffee.
  • Kosher Orthodox Union certifies the product.
  • Hazelnuts are being professionally toasted to get the optimal flavor and aroma.


  • It says it works with Keurig 2.0, but many customers had a problem with it.
  • Prices can go up, so you need to look for the deal.

The sweetness of Hazelnut is wholly balanced by coffee, making it the best of both worlds. In addition to this, the Indulgio Hazelnut comes with a natural added flavor, which gives it the smooth aroma and freshness.

The Hazelnuts are toasted very carefully in the USA, thus, bringing out their best flavor. The cost per cup is best in the market without sacrificing the taste.

We would love to see these K-cups work in sync with modern Keurig 2.0 version and give coffee lovers the opportunity to try one of the best hazelnut flavors.

#10 Hills Bros Double Mocha Cappuccino

Are you the one who likes chocolate in everything? Then Hills Bros Double Mocha Cappuccino is made for you. It’s the only K-cup on our list which comes with chocolate flavor. Both the coffee and chocolate makes this K-cup hits all the right spots of your taste buds.

Hills Bros Double Mocha Cappuccino

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  • It has a natural sweetener.
  • The Intense chocolate flavor can give your chocolate a run for their money.
  • Perfectly works with bot Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 coffee brewers.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Chocolate can feel a bit overpowering for some.
  • Preferable for small or medium mugs.

The chocolate flavor is a bit overpowering, but as they say “A little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness” thus, it’s a perfect coffee mug to start your day.

Moreover, some flavored coffee contains gluten to enhance the taste, but Hills Bros Double Mocha comes with natural flavors. As a result, there’s no artificial sweetener as well.

These K-cups are best for those users who are fine with medium to small coffee portion as if you try using it with higher setting the flavor won’t be as defined as they were with the other two.


So there you have folks our list of top 10 Cappuccino K-cups that you need to try at least once. If you ask us, we would like you to taste our number one pick which is Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino as it has everything that you want in a cup of coffee. And our second recommendation will be Indulgio Cappuccino Sweet and Salty Caramel as it perfectly balances the sweet and savory flavor, which in truth is quite hard to attain.

So now buy yourself one of them and wake yourself up in the morning not just to go to work but to enjoy a great cup of coffee. For a broader view and more options at single serve coffee maker, please read our Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews. Be happy and enjoy your coffee.

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