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Aeropress vs. French Press – Do you know the one is better?


If the French Press makes coffee with both immersion and pressure, AeroPress is a pressure device that uses pressure from your hands. So read our comparison between Aeropress vs. French Press, which to choose?

The French Press is a traditional way of making coffee, easy to use, and accessible in many places.  Many people think that this is the best way to brew coffee.

Because the coffee beans are free to ‘talk’ with each other without being forced by pressure, releasing steam into the coffee, this makes coffee taste most natural.

AeroPress is a straightforward coffee product, designed to use with specialized filter paper, and enormous pressure so it will save time.

So after finishing the filter, you get the clean coffee without sediment.

At the same time, with plastic material and compact design, AeroPress is convenient for traveling and camping and harder to break.

So to choose AeroPress or french press that suits you better, let’s see more clearly!

What do AeroPress and French Press have in common?

There are many methods of brewing coffee based on a particular physical rule.

We will divide them into four main groups of techniques: Non-electric group (Boiling) like Turkish coffee.

With the filter method (Filter or Pour Over), we will have Vietnamese Phin or Chemex bottle.

The methods using pressure (Pressure) include Espresso, Moka kettle, and Siphon bottle.

Finally, with the steeping method, we have French Press.

Learn more about the four major groups of coffee makers here. (dẫn link về buying guide – how to choose)

Due to the same principle of using pressure to extract coffee, this is the first similarity that underpins the comparison of AeroPress and French Press.

Second, both dispensing tools are elementary to use, standard in many families. Some people will love the classic French Press feature, but others like the novelty from AeroPress, which is exciting and hard to consider.

The birth of AeroPress – Invention from America

Back in time more than ten years ago, AeroPress was created in 2005 by an inventor and a lecturer in engineering at Stanford University, USA. His name is Alan Adler.

Almost immediately after its appearance, AeroPress was widely welcomed.

According to Alan, the reason for making this device was because he was looking for a coffee maker that was more balanced, smooth, and clean than the French Press.

Usually, when preparing with French Press, because there is no filter, no matter how much, the coffee powder still mixes in the coffee water when you drink.”

Is more pressure better quality?

Along with French Press, AeroPress is one of the dispensing tools that allows users to customize many factors in the preparation process, from time, temperature, grain consistency, pressure…

With AeroPress, you will create more tension. Due to the tight piston structure, closed rubber gasket so the flavor will depend on the strength of the coffee extract.

Of course, the force could not reach 9 bars like Espresso, but certainly, the French Press could not.

Aeropress takes less time

Because of the advantage of high pressure, AeroPress also accidentally allows users to shorten the time to soak coffee.

Most types of coffee only need to soak for 90 seconds to expand. The rest has pressure support, compared with an average of 5 minutes on French Press; this is an impressive figure.

Coffee will always be hot, just like boiling water, not cold like French Press after many minutes of waiting.

You do not have to worry about extracting too quickly coffee that will not “release” the taste.

Because as mentioned, for how long it depends on the type of coffee and the flavor you want to enjoy.

These parameters are for reference only, of course, do not let too long coffee will cool down.

Differences in taste

Not all tastier coffee is better, and French Press can’t brew all types of coffee.

Hot water and coffee blend in one cup, when the coffee relaxed, relaxed, flavored, this is the first advantage of the French Press.

Coffee will sublimate full flavor in 4-5 minutes blended with water, even coffee powder with the most sophisticated taste structure is also attracted to water for a rich flavor experience.

It is possible to allow lots of coffee residue to pass so the coffee should be ground to as big as possible.

Unfortunately, steel filter pistons are also the disadvantage of the French press. This method of preparation is quite “envy” with pureed coffee.

The coffee sediment can pass through the refined filter in the French Press. The more pureed the ground coffee, the more “ephemeral” is in the cup, or you may make the mistake of grinding the coffee beans too big so that the coffee does not give off its full flavor.

Comparing the size of coffee powder in the brewing method, you find that the French press needs to be the largest size.

And AeroPress with filter paper will allow more careful coffee filter, less “ephemeral” in the cup than the taste of balance, smooth and clean than the French Press.

So if you don’t like the coffee residue at the bottom of the cup, and want a cup of coffee that doesn’t contain sediment, then AeroPress suits you very well.

Besides the taste, the experience is important. It is not necessary to be concerned about the coffee sediment because Turkish boils coffee with water without filtering as their tradition.

French Press – Suitable for all families

With a minimalist design focused on detail, the French Press is easy to use at home, for those who want to enjoy coffee quickly, and do not take much time to clean.

You do not need to heat on the stove, sway like Siphon or Moka, or prepare filter paper with many operations such as Pour-over, Chemex, or require more technical factors compared to Espresso or AeroPress.

Thanks to a simple design, investing in a French Press is also much less costly than AeroPress or Siphon.

The users have no difficulties in controlling the factors. Therefore, the French Press is favored for enjoying coffee at home.

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AeroPress – Easy to clean and hard to break

In fact, it is not a big plus for true coffee lovers. But when compared to AeroPress made of plastic and rubber, the glass French Press is more fragile, and the piston rod of steel is also harder to clean.

But of course, for those who love coffee, this is entirely unremarkable.
Another thing to note is that, however, AeroPress is easy to clean, but because of the use of filter paper which becomes rubbish after brewing finished.

Therefore, in case you have an organic coffee pack on hand and need to consider protecting the environment, French Press is much friendlier selection than AeroPress.

French Press – Stories that connect people

There is  a famous idiom in  coffee culture: “Nobody expects a cup of coffee, or a cafe – People need to talk to each other, coffee is just an excuse.”

When chatting with family and friends, it will be uncomfortable if you have to rinse, put the coffee powder in and press AeroPress to make a cup of coffee and repeat this process many times to have enough coffee for each person.

Interesting is faded, and people will be impatient.

To create a friendly atmosphere, the French Press is preferred.

Only with a large bottle, you can mix 7-10 cups of coffee at the same time. Everyone can sit to enjoy coffee with their story.


Above are the necessary comparisons between AeroPress and French Press.

It is impossible to answer which is better, and it is worth experimenting to get a delicious coffee recipe for yourself.

In addition to testing the brewing method, it is also important to check which coffee is right and which is good, so what proportion should be combined with it.

We wish you would find your best coffee maker soon. Follow us to update an interesting and useful article about coffee.

Read more types of coffee beans to know which is suitable for AeroPress or French Press.

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